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Raising awareness of social and environmental issues with music for the love of Christ 2018
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Welcome to The Planet, 
I'm Cosmo Easterly founder of Planet Cosmo a place where you are welcome to experience art in many facets. Motivational speaker, music, art, education, books , videos, CD's, YouTube channels and more. God keeps giving me the opportunity to experience my self and share with others like you!

For 40 plus years I owned salons and trained many stylist to achieve their goals in the beauty industry as well as making all my dreams come true from owning multiple salons around the country to creating techniques and tools including books, DVD's and training manuals for national companies  as their artistic director. The salons are closed due to health issues but the education continues on youtube channels, check out link for a sample https://youtu.be/U5vlVzT408g 

Original art pieces have been sold and I will continue to be inspired to create in many mediums like music, canvas, lyrics, photography and motivate those around me to make the world a better place. One of the favorite things is speaking to groups on many subjects but imparting the hope with in our selves to seek God and find the missing link that so many are looking for.

Music is a big part of my life as an expression of my emotions and feelings about life, 
TAKE ME TO THE WATER BY COSMO EASTERLY can be found in our store.
There will be more added as we continue this journey called life but most important at the end I want to hear those words: WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT /Mathew 25:21

We have been ranked in the hot 100 salons in America by BE Magazine and published in many industry magazines and now I'm humbled and great full for all that I've been blessed to do, see, live and share. I've been blessed with clients and friends that have surpassed 35 years and with out their support encouragement on all levels I would be in a different place in time.
​Live well, God bless you and thanks for visiting the planet!

Mountain Streams 2019